Spreek je Nederlands?

Wat is jouw voornaam en familienamm? 
{Lana McCoy}
Dag Lana. Hoe gaat het (met jou)?
. . . 
Begrijp jij het?
Begrijp jij het?

. . . . 


2013 - We Welcome You!

From our (Oregon) family to yours - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoy every adventure that 2013 brings your way!
 Thanks for the awesome picture, David
After almost a month of holiday hopping around Kentucky, West Virginia and Oregon, we're back in Europe. What a wonderful whirlwind it was to see so many loving and familiar faces. It was a breath of fresh air, although, I have to say that I despise living out of a suitcase! Being in the States was life-giving, but for the first time since moving to Belgium, we felt at home as soon as we walked into our apartment here. We were jet lagged and flu(ish) for the first week or so, but excited to get back into the swing of life in Europe. As we welcome a new year, we're excited to embrace new friendships, exciting opportunities and unforeseen adventures. We always remind each other that we want to live this life like a bestseller and love people that we meet along the way. I could not imagine doing life with anyone besides Chris; he is my absolute best friend and my perfect complement. Thanks for reading and have a blessed new year!

Just a few of my thoughts on the new year: