Chris' Stories

My husband, Chris, is a creative, thoughtful and detailed writer. He's my only guest blogger. While my blogs are written as if I am having a conversation with a dear friend, he writes the stuff of epic novels. Chris and I truly believe that life is not about the destination but rather all about the things you learn along the journey.  Chris takes that belief to heart by descriptively sharing the lessons he's learned through humorous and often difficult situations we've encountered on our adventures.

Don't be surprised if one day you see a book by Chris McCoy displayed at your local bookstore or in the best selling book section on He suggested that we start a blog called "Life Life Like a Best Seller" because it would remind us to live a life worth writing about. I wish that he had more time to contribute to our little blog, but he's working hard to afford us this wonderful expat experience.

Enjoy Chris' Epic Stories!

The Commute: Chris drives an hour to and from work every day in Serbia, but I'll let him tell you all about that himself!

"HOLY SHEEP": Let me set the stage - Winter in Serbia, a dark road, no street lights, my husband and his car . . . and 100's of sheep. Read it!

Stories from Namibia, Africa: COMING SOON!