Serbia or Siberia?!

Two feet of snow - St. Theresa's Subotica, Serbia
I just laugh when I look outside these days! How optimistic (and misinformed) I was to assume that the "worst" of winter was over; 2+ feet of snow remind me that winter has only just begun! Right now, the temperature is 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 C), and the forecast is promising colder weather to come. 

When we started announcing that we were moving to Serbia, most people looked at us with confused and worried expressions. Once they got over the initial shock of our statement, their first question was always something like this: "What in the world would possess a company to move ANYONE to SIBERIA of all places?! At least Lana can speak Russian, but holy moly that's a move! Just make sure you only bring warm clothes, I hear it always snows up there." We would casually clear up the misunderstanding and reassure our friends that the weather in Subotica, SERBIA was very similar to the weather in Salem, Oregon (Lana's hometown). 

And after all, Oregon has mild weather! It would feel just like "home."

Of course, this year is one for the record books. . .  

Oregon is experiencing a rare, February heat wave. While everyone in the Pacific Northwest is biking, running, and skipping around town in t-shirts and jeans, people in Siberia - er, I mean SERBIA, are wearing as many layers as possible to brave the elements. It is freezing!! People have not seen this amount of snow in Subotica for 20+ years. It is truly record breaking, and the city cannot keep up with the continually falling snow. Needless to say, driving is an obstacle course.

Maybe I should have let everyone think that I was indeed moving to Siberia . . .

I am beginning to wonder if I was tricked!

This is what I think Siberia would look like!
After the first big snow, I told Chris that we MUST dig our car out of the snow. Imagine a foot of snow freezing the car into place?! We could be stranded! I had lived through a catastrophic ice storm in Kentucky, and I managed to break my windshield trying to get the frozen snow off of my car. I didn't want to take any chances in Serbia.

We suited up and started using our arms to shovel the snow off of the car. In this picture, it looks like the car is getting ready to swallow Chris up!

Subotica, Serbia City Hall in a Winter Wonderland of snow!
When you're stranded in the snow, you may as well get your snowboarding clothes on 
and go outside and play! 
I hope you are all staying warm and cozy!