Mykonos, Greece

I wish I could say that over the past years of living overseas we significantly shortened our 'Bucket List.' This pesky little thing seems to happen once you start traveling . . . for every new place we visit, we somehow add about three more to our ever growing list of must - see - before - we - die locations. I love to ask fellow travelers where their adventures have taken them, what their favorite place was and where would they eat if they happened to return. Instagram has also given us way too many ideas for future trips. The list just keeps getting longer, but for our anniversary, Chris helped me check off a location that had been on my 'Bucket List' for as long as I can remember. 

The Greek Isles - Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is known as the island of the winds, and I have always been enamored with the ancient white washed homes accented with a blue almost the same color as the surrounding ocean. In my mind, Mykonos screamed romance. Chris was more interested in the Greek mythology (you don't remember reading about Zeus battling the Titalns and Hercules killing big-ol giants? Yeah, me either!) than the pretty buildings and fancy (expensive), waterfront cocktail bars. 

We were interested for different reasons, but in the end, we both loved weaving in and out of the narrow streets, and sipping local wine and beer on the waterfront. I even talked Chris into renting a 4-wheeler and putting around the island. Once he agreed to the rental, I started asking every agency if we could rent. (Come on! Take our money!) I must have asked four or five different rental companies, and I was denied every time. Either the bikes were all rented out (lies - because there were parked all around), or I was 'too young' (yeah right), or I got no explanation, just a simple 'no.' We gave up and decided to walk down towards the water for a coffee. The bar tender laughed when we told him we were not allowed to rent a 4-wheeler. He promised that if Chris asked, we would not have any problems. Funny thing, as soon as Chris asked, we were given the vehicle, two helmets, a map of the island, and sent on our way. Guess I was the issue!

We spent most of our day at beautiful Paradise Beach, soaking up the rays and getting away from the crowds in Mykonos. We enjoyed local pastries that we bought from a sweet little man carrying a basket and hawking his delightful treats. After several hours, we hopped onto our 4-wheeler and tried to put-put back into town. We tried and tried, and couldn't get it to start! Oi! After about 30 minutes of trying, I called the company from a beach bar phone, and we waited. After a jump, we finally did make our way back into town, but I think our 4-wheel days are over. Next time, we will opt for a Jespa. 

Here's a few pictures! Hope you're loving your summer!


(Lake) Konnigsee in Bavaria, Germany

If you're, say, visiting Munich or Salzburg, and want to take a short sightseeing trip that could include hiking, boating, or simply standing in awe of the beauty of the Alps, then check this place out! 
You will not be disappointed! 

Situated in the far southeast corner of the German state of Bavaria, this little gem is perfectly shoved between the narrow pass of two jagged, alpine mountains. Lake Konnigsee is in the Berchtesgarden National Park, and while it's a relatively small body of water, it happens to be Germany's third deepest lake (random facts from wikipedia). 

At the end of last year, Chris and I had just moved to Regensburg, and Reece suggested a quick trip down to see the breathtaking Konnigsee (which literally translates to "king's lake"). We never hesitate when a new sightseeing destination is on the table, so naturally, we packed the car and headed south. 

The first thing you notice when walking up to the lake is the intense, aqua-green color of the water, oh and it's strangely clean. The lake is so clean in fact that it is said to be the cleanest lake in all of Germany. In order to keep up appearances, no fuel powered boats are allowed on the lake. In the summer, get extra exercise by rowing or paddling your way around the crystal clear lake, or do what we did, and take an electric powered passenger boat tour. If I remember correctly, the boat will put you back 12 - 18 Euros depending on the duration of the boat tour that you choose. We got off the boat at the beautiful, red domed church named St. Barthomoma, and we enjoyed a local beer at a nearby restaurant. And naturally, I took a million pictures.

We didn't have time to take a long hike, but next time we visit, I really want to hike Mount Jenner. I think it would be absolutely incredible to see Lake Konnigsee from above! Hopefully we will have time to go this summer! Another thing that we really want to see is Hitler's Eagles Nest, and if you're in this area, you're too close not to visit this historic piece of German history. Unfortunately, you can only reach it by bus or by hiking for 2-3 hours. If you want to figure out how to get to The Eagle's Nest, I found this post quite helpful. From the parking lot of Lake Konnigsee,  on a clear day, you can see The Eagles Nest. If you look at the last picture in this post, you will see it in the top left hand corner. You'll really have to look closely!