A Monday Laugh

This is not going to be much of a blog post, but hopefully it makes you smile. 

Sex and the City will forever remind me of college. It's not that I see myself in any of those well spoken, highly professional New York characters, but more so that I love their friendships with each other. I found four unique and wonderful best friends in college (you know who you are!), and for the rest of my life, they will play a huge role in my story. Just like Sex and the City - but no one writes my scripts!

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha - you are just as fabulous in Serbia (with subtitles) as you were in my college dorm room in Wilmore, Kentucky. But there is one difference that stands out when I watch Sex and the City in Serbia. Instead of Carrie's "main-squeeze-love-affair" being named "Mr. Big," Serbia has renamed him "Mr. Beast."

(Both pictures were found on Google)
Now, does this face look "beastly" to you? 

I absolutely love that little slip up/mistake in translation. Totally puts a new spin on a series that I have watched one too many times!


  1. Well, if you consider why he's supposed to be called Mr. Big in the first place.. I think "Zverka" is a fair translation. ;)

  2. bahah! I will think of that as I watch reruns here:)

  3. haha totally made me laugh...my roommate LOVED this show in college...so like you it is a great "remembrance" of the college days, back when we ate cookie dough for dinner! ha


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  4. They call him Zverka because it is a slang word for Mr. Big Shot, someone important or successful

  5. Malarija - that makes SO much more sense to me now! Thank you! The direct translation is never always accurate when you take into account "slang."

  6. AaReAn - I did look at your blog and I LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing!


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