Balkan Fashion in Budapest.

Thanks to our dear friend, David (and his fabulous company), Chris accompanied me to the 2011 Herbafast Fashion Selection in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest has quickly become one of our favorite (close to home) cities, so it was no task to get us to pack fancy clothes and brave the Horgos boarder. Plus, my mom was flying into Budapest on Monday, so we had yet another excuse to enjoy the city all weekend. Like we needed an excuse. 

We arrived in Budapest Saturday afternoon, checked into our hotel, and immediately made a bee-line for Iguana Bar and Grill. Inhaling spicy Mexican food before squeezing into a cocktail dress seemed like a wonderful plan. Let's just say that it may not have been my most brilliant moment to date, but those scrumptious enchiladas were totally worth it!

Iguana = spicy = tummy ache for Lana = but geeze they were tasty!

Chris and I dressed up and walked through a trendy part of town until we found the Vam Design Center, Budapest.  From the outside, it looked like any other cafe or boutique, but walking inside, we were not prepared for the large, contemporary art gallery that welcomed us. Where were we again? Living in Serbia and attending a Fashion show in Budapest? I had to remind myself, "Stop thinking about how you got here, and just have fun! You wanted an adventure!"

(Image off the Vam Website)
The picture above shows the Vam Design Center as a blank canvas. I asked David what the space was typically used for, and he told me that it's used for a variety of art shows and one of a kind exhibitions. I guess a fashion show fits the bill! And what fashion show would be complete without a glass runway?! I guess I wouldn't know since I am no expert on fashion!
David's company was again sponsoring the event, but this time, we were handed a glass of Torley champagne as we found our seats. Great way to start a show!

There were three designers showing; one was from Hungary and the other two were from Serbia. Zvonko Markovic, a well known Serbian designer, opened the show, and I have to say that his designs were my favorite. He designs sexy, slinky evening dresses for leggy, little models. I didn't care that I could never get my hands on (or my hips in) one of his designs, I still loved watching each elaborate design make its way down the runway. I don't know very much about Mr. Markovic, but I do know that he designs for several well known (and well endowed) Serbian stars. Some of his designs look a little "early-2000's-Britney-Spears-wearing-next-to-nothing," and perhaps even a little "sexy-Latin-Shakira-ish."

The last two pictures are of the second Serbian designer.
I snuck a quick picture of Zvonko Markovic.
Cocktail event after the show. 
The show was absolutely fabulous!
After the show, we boarded a bus and headed out to a VIP party at Symbol Club Budapest. More to come on that!