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 When we started planning our big international move, the two things that most frequently popped up on "Subotica" Google search were the Narodno Pozori┼íte u Subotici (National Theater of Subotica - now under construction) and pictures of The Code nightclub. While looking for a suitable home to rent, Chris was the first to lay eyes on our new city, and the report I heard back from him went something life this: 

"Lana, that beautiful theater is gone! I mean it is still there - sort of, but those Roman-looking pillars are completely covered up with a billboard and everything else is under construction!" 

Picture borrowed from Wikipedia 
It is true. The National Theater has been under construction for several years, and this once stately building has become more of an eyesore than a stunning piece of architectural history. It seems that a lot of the money to complete the reconstruction has gone missing, and responsibility keeps being passed from one construction company to another. Chris and I would love to attend a play here before our three year contract is up, but the locals seem skeptical that these doors will welcome theater goers any time soon. 

The Code nightclub is still open and hopping, so after three and a half months, we figured it was time to check out one of the hot spots in town. The truth is that Chris and I did not want to go out alone, and we finally were given an excuse to put on our dancing shoes and show Subotica our "moves" (if that's what you want to call them. . . ). 

Hey there DJ!
Our friend was the DJ for 70's Night at The Code, and I don't need too much convincing to dress up, make a fool of myself, dance, and have fun with friends. Chris sometimes needs a little more coxing after a long week at work, but in the end, he is the best dance partner a girl could ask for. 

We started the party at our place and then headed out to The Code around midnight. We had a great time and we danced and simply enjoyed being with our friends until the wee hours of the morning. The non-stop night life in Serbia is not for the faint of heart, or for those who have to wake up at 6:00 a.m. I've heard that our first night out in Subotica does not even come close to the night life in Novi Sad and Belgrade. We will have to rest up before we attempt going out in either of those cities.  

It is easier to find 70's attire for women. . . "70's" somehow turned into "plaid and blue jeans" for the guys. 
Me and Lela.
Chris, Darko and Marko
My fabulous dancing queen - Sanela.
So, everything I wore was from my closet. My best friend just said to me, "Lana, anything that you can wear to a theme party should probably find its way OUT of your closet." She may be right, but at least I had an outfit for the occasion, and all of my friends had a traveling disco-ball dancing right next to them. 

The last three pictures are borrowed from The Code Facebook page. 
Ohhh, this is the fabulous Rade. He gets paid to dance at The Code on the weekends, and he is a hairdresser by day. He will probably be my new Serbian hairdresser.

The best dance partner in the world. We have fun!
I love this picture! Totally sums up the evening. 

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