Two Meant for Each Other.

"To Love Another Person is to See the Face of God" - Les Miserables

I (Lana) have always felt at home traveling the world. Maybe it is the way that I was raised, but perhaps it is the way that my heart was wired. I grew up in Salem, Oregon - had a charmed childhood - 3 little brothers - traveled a lot - and always felt a little more alive when I was exploring, learning, searching, and dreaming. At 17 I left home, intent on seeing more of the world, and I did, but as these stories often go, I eventually found myself in the small college town of Wilmore, Kentucky. I loved my time at Asbury College because it made me question my convictions, but I had no idea how important that time would be to the rest of my story.

He (Chris) grew up in Hurricane, West Virginia, and he always wanted to see as much of the world as possible. I guess you could say that we were wired with the same heart. I believe whole-heartedly that he is the man that I had been praying for my entire life. He has a great family - beautiful grandparents - wonderful parents - a younger brother and sister - and loving uncles and aunts. His journey took him to the University of Kentucky for college, and that is how our worlds collided. It's a funny story how we met, avoided each other, met again, fell in love on a cruise ship, met the families, went to Namibia, Africa, made wonderful friends, and eventually said "I Do." But that story may be saved for another post.

We never expected that our lives would look "typical," and we promised each other that we would always adventure together, constantly learn new things, desperately love people, focus on making memories, and ultimately try to - 

"Live Life Like a Best Seller."

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  1. Lana you are so good at weaving stories. I love reading your blog. Excited to see the adventures God will allow you and Chris to have. Keep loving people as you do and life will never be dull.


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