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Did you know that Kentucky boasts one of the largest man-made caverns in America?! I had no idea and to think, I had called Kentucky "home" for seven some-odd years! The 100 acre limestone cavern that quietly rests under the bustling metropolis of Louisville, was the proposed escape shelter for 50,000 people during the 1960's Cuban missile crisis. 50,000 people purchased entrance tickets . . .  just in case; and a hospital was even built underground. Of course the location of the caverns was a secret for several years. That little fact alone made me super interested in learning as much as possible about the caverns. There are all sorts of fun little "factoids" about this massive hole in northwest Kentucky.

The entrance to Mega Zips is right behind this sign. 
Today, the cavern is privately owned, and six months ago, part of it was turned into the world's only underground zipline adventure tour. Ummm . . . . awesome!

When Chris' best friend asked if we wanted to check out Mega Zips, we said "YES" without hesitation. 

Two of our best friends. 
The excursion was actually in honor of one of our friend's birthdays. It was a very unconventional (and awesome) birthday outing. I would expect nothing else from this group of friends. They are all pretty adventurous. 

Hey birthday girl! Show us how these harnesses work!

The whole crew posing before the first zipline "the Zipline to Hell."
This is the best picture I could get of the "hellish" first zip. 

The tour takes you through a small fraction of the cavern, and in between stumbling across swaying bridges, you harness up and scream your way down five different ziplines. Our group had two knowledgable guides and they were both very attentive to detail and safely. I appreciated the safety aspect. The tour lasted two hours, but we were all having so much fun that it seemed like only 20 minutes had passed. We tried to convince the guides to let us go back through the course. They sort of laughed it off. . . "annoying kids . . . errrr. . . adults."

Chris and two of his closest guy friends. 
Couldn't get a normal face out of these two
If you live in Kentucky (or plan on visiting the state), I would suggest checking out the Louisville Mega Caverns. Ohhhhh, and just in case this tid-bit of information ever comes in handy, "Geologists say that this is the safest place in Kentucky," Jim Lowry, co-owner of Louisville Mega Cavern.

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