Trieste, Italy

After Venice, we stopped for one evening in the port city of Trieste, Italy. Since it was Easter Sunday, not too much was open so we really only got a brief view of the city. It is a very pretty part of Italy with a lot of history. It was super windy and cold on Easter Sunday, so that's why we look like we are freezing in most of these pictures!

Fratelli La Bufala Trieste, Italy
We stopped at Fratelli la bufala, the first restaurant we saw that was open on Easter Sunday. It was a cutely decorated Italian eatery that served a lot of dishes with . . . buffalo. Sort of random, but the food was awesome - and then again, maybe we were just starving!

Out of the pier in Trieste, Italy. Historically, Trieste was a very prosperous Mediterranean port, and under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, she became the fourth largest city after Vienna, Budapest and Prague. Today, the region encompassing Trieste is the wealthiest in all of Italy.

Cold and windy!

Main square in Trieste, Italy

In Trieste, we rode one of the only remaining European trolleys. 

A view of Trieste, Italy after a trolley ride up the steep mountain. 
Reece got some great shots of Trieste. Cannot wait to see them. 
I hope to get back to Trieste in the summer months. Since nothing was open on Easter, we did not really get to experience the vibe of the city. Apparently, some of the best Italian shopping is in Trieste. If nothing else, I can justify a trip back just for that!

Cao Italy!


  1. Did you guys eat Pizza in Italy? If yes how was it?

    Not sure if you noticed by Pizza here in Subotica at least (saying Serbia would be too generalized) is made with sunflower oil, thus the taste is WAYYY different than what I am used to from Canada. I heard the italians, like people in Canada/US use olive oil when making pizza... that's why im wondering.

    PS: when we were in greece, i had pizza made with olive oil, and it reminded me of home (Canada)

  2. We did have great pizza in Italy - it tasted a little more like what we were used to in the States. The first place we ate in Venice was a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint, but the pizza was thick crust and baked with olive oil. It was great. I wrote about that pizza place on my Venice blog.

    Where did you go in Greece? Do you have good suggestions of where to go and hotels? I am starting to research a trip to Greece and South of France.


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