A Party at Rumbeke Castle

Rumbeke Castle - Belgium
Rumbeke Castle, in Belgium's West Flanders region, is said to be one of the oldest Renaissance castles in the country. Belgium boasts more than 3000 castles, so it's pretty cool to be known as one of the oldest from a certain historical period. A large park, known as the Sterrebos or Star Forest, surrounds the 16th century castle. I knew that we lived fairly close to Rumbeke, so one afternoon last week while Chris was working, I rode my bike around town trying to find this darn castle!

I got a lot of exercise, but I didn't stubble upon any fairytale castles. 

I did find some angry geese . . . but that's another story for another day. 

When Chris suggested a romantic, castle picnic to celebrate my birthday, I got all giddy and girly! This time we plugged the address into the GPS and drove straight there in five minutes. Thanks to Chris and his trusty GPS, I foresee a lot of future bike rides ending up at this beautiful location. Today, the castle is owned by the local bus company, but there is still a moat surrounding the property so that keeps it legit. Right?

Even though we're so new to Belgium, Chris still managed to make my birthday special and memorable. (WARNING - this is a lovey-dovey message for Chris.) I am blessed to do life with you, Chris. You are a dedicated, hard working man, and you daily find the energy to spoil me and make me feel beautiful. Thank you for gently reminding me to passionately live this life to the fullest. Together, I truly believe that we will live a story worth writing about. You are an amazing husband and the best friend a girl could ever ask for. In fact, you're my favorite birthday gift, but I'll never turn down an invitation to picnic at a 
romantic Renaissance castle. 

"What do you think about a birthday picnic?"

The statue was missing, so Chris stepped in. Star Forest.
For dinner, Chris took me out to a great place called the Grand Bazar. Roeselare, Belgium.
Grand Bazar in Roeselare, Belgium. 


  1. ..I CANT BELIEVE ..you are wearing real heels,...real heels!!!!...belgium is so good for you!!!!...:-)

    1. I know David! Every so often they make an appearance. You would be surprised to know that there was a time when I would not be caught dead in flats . . . now after roaming around Europe for a year, my heals seem to all be a little dusty and all I buy are comfortable flats. Am I getting old?


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