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Stolen kisses at the Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom) in Cologne, Germany
Cologne, Germany was absolutely stunning! The weather was perfectly crisp and the city felt so young and alive. We meandered through busy shopping streets, enjoyed casual conversations with our best friends, stopped for pizza at a small Italian eatery and actually enjoyed outdoor seating in the middle of October! We eventually found ourselves here - at the Cologne Cathedral (or Kolner Dom) - and it is quite impressive! It doesn't hold the title of "Germany's most visited landmark" for nothing! It's pretty hard to miss this 515 foot tall (157 m) cathedral, and even in the midst of major renovations, the Cologne Cathedral is a marvelous gothic construction.

Of course, I took a million pictures, and I'll get around to posting them. . .

For now, I am busy taking care of my best friend. Chris came home from his last trip with a nasty cough. Sad days. I suppose we can count it a blessing that this is the first time one of the McCoy's have been sick since leaving America 15 months ago, but of course that "blessing" does not make Chris feel any better right now. I'm doing my best to find home remedies, and also taking my first trips to the Apotheke (pharmacy) in Belgium. I just hate seeing him so miserable! It's times like this that make me miss the familiar sights, sounds and drug stores of home. A little homesick - but this too shall pass!

Thanks for reading - and have a lovely day!


  1. Loving the Koelner Dom! Even as a German it never fails to amaze me! Such a landmark!!
    Kristina x

    1. It really is stunning! I cannot wait to get back to Cologne! If I can find a reasonable hotel, we may try to get there during the Christmas markets!


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