{Park Guell - Barcelona, Spain}

After a hectic month full of House Hunter's International filming and ridiculously cold Belgian spring weather, Chris and I decided to book a quick weekend getaway to sunny Barcelona, Spain. At least we were crossing our fingers and praying for a tad bit of sun! I think we would have been happy with anything other than the average spring temperatures of 6 Celsius/43 Farenheit! (Of course, the year we move, Belgium has the coldest spring in 44 years! Thanks Belgium!) Well thankfully, Barcelona did not disappoint! We basked in the warmth of the sun every afternoon we were in town.

We met up with our great friend, Reece, and the three of us booked an apartment at Bed and Beach Barcelona Guesthouse. The Guesthouse is about 15-minutes (by public transport) from the center of Barcelona; but as the name suggests, it's right on the beach. The owners were incredibly helpful, the apartment was clean and remodeled, and the price was super reasonable. It's a place we will absolutely book again!

Since we were literally staying right on the beach, the boys were hesitant to leave their sandy retreats for city sightseeing. I decided to leave them one afternoon and take a bus up to Park Guell. I am so happy that I made the trek! In my opinion, Park Guell is a must see when visiting Barcelona. The boys would disagree with me since they were content playing frisbee and sunbathing on the beach, but I spent a good three hours at the park and I could go back and do it all over again. 

Initially, Park Guell was zoned to be a fancy housing development that would gaze down upon the sprawling city of Barcelona. The wealthy of Barcelona could get out of the smog and enjoy a park full of Guadi's quirky architecture. In the end, only two homes were ever built, and while he did not build either of the houses, Guadi did live in one of them. That house is now a Guadi Museum. Guadi did design most of the architecture seen in the gardens, and I particularly loved the serpent inspired bench that is the focal point at the main entrance. I took way too many pictures and even bought a glass (plastic cup) of sangria and watched the world go by. It's a park unlike any I have ever seen before, and it is well worth a visit!

{Enjoy a few of my pictures from Park Guell.}
More from Barcelona -  and the conclusion of our House Hunter's International shoot to come!
Have a fantastic week!