Am I Homesick?

We have lived in Serbia for five months! 

Can you believe it?
I sure can't!
Where has 2011 gone?! 
It seems time has flown, but then on the other hand, a lot has happened in the past five months. We now feel like Subotica is home, we've made great friends, celebrated a few holidays, learned to understand a lot of the language (although speaking it is another story entirely), found a volunteer opportunity, galavanted around Europe, I just found a part time job (that will be saved for another post), and Chris is enjoying his job, so the first five months have been jam packed. 
Now that we're almost half a year into our overseas adventure, I get this question a lot:
"Are you starting to get homesick? I am sure it's really hard to be away for so long."
I usually respond with a quick "no!" and follow it up with all of the things that Chris and I have found to love about Serbia. 
Usually that's my answer. 
Two weeks ago, my brother and his wife had their first baby. 
A perfect little boy nicknamed "JJ."
Everyone was there to congratulate the new parents. 
My entire family and extended family crowded the waiting room. 
Dad skyped me in the delivery room once mom and JJ were settled.
Our family had grown while I was on the other side of the world. 
It was the first time I cried.
I guess they were both tears of happiness, 
and tears of homesickness. 

JJ's first photo shoot. You are the best www.diphotography.org. 
So, if this is what "homesick" looks like, then yes, I am a little homesick. 

JJ and his loving daddy (my brother). I borrowed this pic from the happy parents.
This picture just cracks me up! I hope he smiles like this when I meet him!

The good news is that I get to see his little face soon! We will be heading back to the States for the only time this year, and I cannot wait to meet the new family member! Congrats to my brother and his beautiful wife. JJ is absolutely perfect!  I know he's excited to meet Uncle Chris and Auntie Lana!