Schonbrunn Palace, Austria

NOTE: This blog contains more pictures than words.

. . . and of course you will find loads of those annoying jumping pictures. (I really love jumping pictures - if you couldn't already tell - and when Chris and I are 80+ years old, we hope to have a thick album of all the jumps we have made around the world.) We're nerds, but whatever! 

Every year, 2.5 million tourists visit Schonbrunn Palace, and if you have ever been, you understand why the Palace is Vienna's most visited attraction. If you are interested, you can read all about the former Hapsburg 1,441-room summer residence by clicking here.

In short, the history of Schonbrunn goes sort of like this:

1548 - The mayor of Vienna transformed Schonbrunn into an estate.
1569 - the Hapsburg's came into the picture, and of course they acquired the estate and all the land.
Emperor Matthias only used the estate for hunting. . .
. . . sounds like a terrible waste of a palace to me!
The next successor, Emperor Ferdinand II loved hunting too, and he basically just threw huge hunting parties at the estate. 
What in the world is a hunting party?!
1683 -The Turkish army invaded Vienna and they destroyed some of Schonbrunn. 
Sad days. 
1728 - Emperor Charpes VI acquires Schonbrunn, but he only uses it to host shooting parties. 
Like a party where you take lots of shots? Kidding.
Charles VI gifted the Palace to his daughter Marie Theresa (she's pretty famous).
Nice gift from Daddy!
Marie Theresa ushered in a brilliant period in Schonbrunn history. 
Marie Theresa made all sorts of additions and changes, and eventually Schonbrunn was home to over 1500 people. 
Too many people in one place - even if there were 1,441 rooms!
1805-1809 - Napoleon occupied the Palace. 
Franz Joseph was the last to call Schonbrunn home. He died in 1916. 
1996 - Schonbrunn Palace is placed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Now there are just loads of tourists. 

Enjoy our pictures! If you every find yourself in Vienna, you have to see Schonbrunn Palace. Even the boys agreed that it was a sight worth seeing in person.  

The jumping started early. 

Neptune Fountain.

Take the hike up the hill. The views are worth the huffing and puffing!
The Gloriette was used as a meeting place before hunting trips. Now it is a cafe/restaurant.

Reece taught us all sorts of new jumps.
Lana = jumping fail. Chris = terrifying!

Of course there was a Chirstmas Market with live music!
A great brewery that we found in Vienna. 
One last burger for the road. 
St. Stephen's Cathedral at night.

Doesn't this make you want to spend more money?! 
U-bahn -> the train station. Time to say bye bye Vienna! 
"You sure you don't want to stay, Lana." I wish that is what he was saying here!
One more coffee for the "road."
Well, Vienna, it is not goodbye, but rather, until we all meet again. 

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