Budget Airlines Round 2

Last minute, Hubby came home from the office and announced that his company had just booked him a flight to go back and finish up some work in Belgium. 

I got this goofy grin complete with a glazed-over-day-dreaming-look. 

Hmmmm . . . Belgium . . . chocolate . . . waffles . . . . amazing steaks . . . lovely people. 

He could see it in my eyes. I wanted a repeat of our December 2011 trip to my (current) favorite European country. 

"Lana, my flight was so expensive because I am flying there in like two days. But you know that budget airline, Ryan Air, just started flying out of Budapest, and Wizz Air has service out of that airport too. Maybe we can find a deal on a flight so you can spend the week with me in Belgium. You know I have to work .  . . think you can entertain yourself?"

Ya think? I have gotten really good at entertaining myself these days. If nothing else, I assumed a sunny patio, my camera, a plate full of handmade chocolates and a glass (or two) of wine could entertain me for a few days while Hubby slaved away. 

(You're the BEST Hubby!)

I immediately started an intense internet search for a reasonably priced flight. . . okay, all I did was Google "Flights from Budapest to Brussels." A whole bunch of cheap flights popped onto my screen starting at $40 round trip on certain days of the week! I was able to coordinate with Chris' flight for a grand total of $100! 

Belgium here I (errrr. . . I mean "we") come!

Most of the budget airlines (check out my last budget experience) ONLY allow one carry-on. Don't even try to bring a personal item such as a purse, briefcase, ipod case, passport case, shopping bag filled with the extra clothes you couldn't fit in your mini-carry on. Everything MUST fit into one bag. Everyone working at the budget airport is looking for passengers on the go with more than one bag in tow. 

I guess this one-bag-rule is how they make their money seeing as an extra bag will cost you between $20 and $60 a pop. That is usually more than you paid for one leg of your adventure. 

You get what you pay for. 

It may not be the most classy way to travel, but it is the cheapest, 
and I wanted to get to Belgium classy or not!

Fly classy - even on a budget!
I decided that since I was flying budget, I would start the trip out in style with a glass of champagne. Also, the guy working at the little airport restaurant was so bored that he sort of talked me into a glass. He didn't have to try too hard to get me to dish out the cash for some champagne. 

Next stop - springtime in Belgium!


  1. Nice to see an update, I was wondering where are you - no updates? WHAAAAAAA?

  2. Doing a little bit of travel and also spending most of my time outside (without my laptop) now that the weather is finally warming up. More updates to come. Thanks for reading!


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