The "Dult" Regensburg, Germany

He who drinks beer sleeps well, 
He who sleeps well cannot sin, 
He who does not sin goes to heaven. . . 
- Unknown German Monk
Passing Dom Cathedral (Regensburg, Germany) on the way to the "Dult."
Crossing Stone Bridge and checking out the Danube River in Regensburg, Germany
Hubby and I found ourselves back in Germany's Bavarian region yet again. We made a trip back to Regensburg, Germany to see our friend Reece, take pictures of the city in the sunshine (Lets be honest, I was the only one taking pictures), and to experience the "Dult." You pronounce "Dult" exactly the way it is spelled; and Reece said that we absolutely had to come back for Regensburg's "mini Oktoberfest." I am not exactly what you would call a "beer fan," but I'm always up for something new, cultural, and "blog-worthy." I quickly realized that the Dult offers a whole lot more than half liters of beer in 20-pound steins! 
Walking into the Dult was like entering a really clean, well maintained medieval fair.
Regensburg is a city full of history and whispered stories of days past. One can trace the city's history back to Roman times (there's an ancient Roman wall from 179 A.D. that still stands in the city center. Read my blog about it if ya want), and zipping forward a few thousand years, the enormous Thurn and Taxis palace is still inhabited by the beer-brewing, royal family. 

Germans seem to find any excuse to drink beer! They are very particular about their drink of choice, even down to the fact that each beer has its own specially designed glass/mug. If by chance you receive your beer in the wrong glass/mug, you'll most likely receive embarrassed apologies from the bartender. Everything seems meticulous and thought through in Germany, and I suppose they party hard because they work hard too. 

The Dult did not disappoint! I really did not know what to expect when Reece said that this was Regensburg's "mini-Oktoberfest." They have the festival for three weeks at the end of spring to celebrate the coming of summer and again for three weeks during the fall to lament the end of summer. I figured there would be a big tent with lots of beer being spilled on my feet, but I was not prepared for the intensity of the whole event. It was like a photographers dream with all the costumes and bright swirling colors, and I tried to capture the moments as best as I could. 
There was not a seat open in the Dult! A very festive atmosphere!
All night people were trying to climb this greased poll and ring the bell at the top.

Lederhosen - The German outfits that men wear. Whole groups of guys could be seen wearing the same exact outfits and dancing together on the tables. 

Dirndl - The outfits for women. Most of the women were wearing these lacy, bust-enhancing, apron type outfits. Super cute and I felt a little left out. I decided, then and there, that I would never show up in Germany again without my own dirndl. 

Table etiquette in Germany - No open tables? Not a problem. In Germany you just squeeze in anywhere possible. This is totally strange for Americans, but really if there is open space on a nearby bench, you ask if you and your friends can occupy it. It usually works and you make new friends. 

"PROST" - "Cheers" in German. Be prepared to "prost" at least once every 10 minutes! Clink your glass against the bottom of your bench-neighbors glass to avoid breakage. Even the thick glass steins can break when over zealous beer drinkers offer up a "prost." Trust me!
Our new bench-friends at the Dult in Regensburg, Germany. 
My Hubby and Reece sent me around the enormous tent to find a place to sit (or rather stand). It was so insanely packed! People were jumping up and down on precariously thin benches, the cover band was playing a blend of German drinking songs and popular 80's hits, and the dirndle-wearing-waitresses were pushing through the crowd hugging 6+ steins full of beer. Right near the stage, I found a group of guys who let us share their flimsy bench. They were a little disappointed when I brought two guys rather than two girls to the table with me, but they quickly embraced us with a loud round of "PROST" and deemed us new found friends. 
Our new friends in the matching red lederhosens.
Hellloooo from the Dult in Regensburg, Germany!

Dancing the night away on our flimsy little bench at the Dult!
Reece's mug totally broke when our new found friends offered up a "PROST."

The Thurn and Taxis royal family outdoor beer garden at the Dult. 
Specific mugs for their beer!
What sort of tourists would we be if we didn't get a bratwurst at the Dult?!
The best pretzel IN THE ENTIRE WORLD was found at the Dult in Regensburg, Germany!
If you're ever around Regensburg in either the spring or the fall, make sure to get to the Dult. The three week bi-anual festival promises fun for the entire family! Fair rides, arcade games, giant pretzels, beer, costume sightings, bratwursts, dancing on tables . . . it's all there! 



  1. Gorgeous photos! I would love to go to Bavaria some day...

  2. It looks like you all had a blast! All that food and those drinks look delicious!

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