Carried Away in Capri.

On our way to Capri, we saw Mount Vesuvius in the morning mist. 
While in Almafi, we decided to hop on a ferry and cruise on over to the Italian island of Capri. Because a little afternoon cruise to an exotic island sounded romantic and oh so "Italian-ish"! I was envisioning a sexy, intimate sailboat that allowed me to dance around deck with my long hair softly blowing in the wind (lofty dreams that I don't have the budget for!); instead, we squeezed onto an industrial sized ferry with 1000 other tourists all heading in the same direction. The 20-minute ride was nothing glamorous, there was no dancing, and my hair turned into one bit knot all for a whopping $40 (round trip). I didn't really do any research before going to Capri, so the ferry boat may not be the most economical way to see the island, although it was very convenient. Some day, I would love to get back to Capri, and perhaps hire a small boat and driver to show me and Chris around the Island. Now that sounds romantic, eh? Still dreaming when I should just be focusing on how lovely my first trip to Capri was!

Have you been to Capri? If so, how did you get there and what did you see? Did you hire a boat driver to show you around the island? I would love to hear your experience!

Capri really is stunning, it's truly one of those places you must see for yourself. My pictures just don't do Her justice! Once we got off the ferry, we hiked about 25 minutes up hill to the main Piazza in Capri town. There is a bus you can take, but why not choose the picturesque walking trail where you enjoy quaint homes blanketed in pink and purple flowers?!

From the Piazza, we found an information center and followed a route which took us through the Gardens of Augustus, gave us a great view of the famous Faraglioni rocks, wound us down Via Krupp and landed us on a wonderful little beach close to Marina Piccola. After lounging around and swimming for a few hours, we treated ourselves to the best gelato we have ever tasted! Buonocore Gelateria is close to Piazza Umberto, and while you wait in line, they're making your waffle cone! The gelato is delicious and that warm waffle cone adds just a little something extra to the whole experience!

View from the center of Capri town. 
The Morris' posing close to Capri Piazza Umberto.
Every corner of Capri is picture-perfect!

In the Gardens of Augustus - Capri. 
From the Gardens of Augustus, you get a great view of Faraglioni. 

Winding our way down Via Krupp in search of a beach. 
Our small little beach close to Marina Piccola.
Marina Piccola - Great looking beach, but you have to pay for your seats. 

Looking back on Capri harbor. 
I just love boats!
I'm dreaming about living in Capri. 
Hopefully this is not my first and only trip to Capri. Next time (if there is a next time), I want to hire a boat with a driver and float around the entire island! I know we didn't even scratch the surface here! There is so much more to enjoy and fall in love with in Capri.


  1. Have I told you I am SUPER jealous of your amazing Italian travels? Capri looks amazing. Yet another destination to add to my never ending list!

  2. These photos are stunning, Lana! There is so much of Europe I want to see (Southern Italy being near the top) but unfortunately, the husband's job gets in the way!


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