Our First Serbian Visitors!

Marko and Lela on the shopping street in Roeselare, Belgium. 
Remember Marko and Lela from Subotica, Serbia? They were our first friends in Serbia and they sort of adopted us into their big group of friends. Looking back on our year in Serbia, I don't remember feeling seriously homesick (except for when my first little nephew was born), and I know that Marko, Lela, and the community that they invited us into, were the reason we so easily adapted to our first home abroad. Chris and I truly feel that we have a grasp on the history and culture of Serbia because we were treated almost as locals for an entire year. Six months ago, we left Serbia, and through tear-filled goodbyes, Marko and Lela promised that they would come visit once we settled into our new home in Belgium . . . 

Well, they came through on their promise! We had Marko and Lela to ourselves for a whole five days! Chris and I were so excited to simply just be with them again and to share bits and pieces of our new adventure with them. Of course we made them sample all sorts of chocolates, cakes, waffles, frites (fries), and specialty Belgian beers. We took them to our favorite restaurants and cafes in Roeselare, and I will include those pictures in the next blog. 

Thank you Marko and Lela for making the trip to come and visit! In two short weeks, we will be back in Serbia for a quick work trip and a few days spent with you and the rest of the crew from Subotica! 

Pic #1 - Marko and Lela on the shopping street in Roeselare / #2 - Chris and Marko and Chris' favorite beer Westmalle / #3 - Me and Lela at Creme de la Crema in Roeselare / #4-5 - Marko loved the chocolate and cake shops in Belgium . . . can you tell Easter is coming? / #6 - 8 - spending time in Bruges / #9 - the friets are the best in Bruges Grote Markt / #10 - goodnight Bruges