Salzburg, Austria {Gondola Ride}

All the boys crammed into the Gondola in Salzburg, Austria. 
This post is a continuation of that one time I crashed "guy's weekend." 
{and . . . It may not be the last time because I had a blast}

After we broke the rules at Neuschwanstein Castle, our big group piled into the borrowed "mom-van" and headed for Salzburg. Now, that is one stunning city! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't exactly cooperating on our first morning in town, so Reece decided we should try to get above the clouds by visiting Untersberg, the highest mountain next to the city. 

About 15 minutes after leaving Salzburg, we pulled into the Untersberg gondola parking lot. The Alps loomed all around us, but heavy clouds interrupted our upward views. We paid 20 Euros per person, pushed ourselves onto a crowded gondola, and silently prayed that the angry clouds would disappear once we reached the summit. A dense white fog obstructed our view for most of the 10-minute gondola ride, but just as we summited, the sun appeared and the sky was the most magnificent shade of blue! Suddenly we felt a burst of energy and a lightness of spirit. It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for  you, eh?!

We spent a good three hours on top of the world (well, at least it felt that way). Of course I took a million pictures, we dodged skiers, Chris rolled around in the snow getting some awesome GoPro footage, we ran up and down steep mountains of snow and enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine. Oh, and there was even a shirtless male photo shoot going on up there! Obviously, I got in on that action Just kidding (sort of), it was just our friend, Stu. He got hot after an uphill hike, so it seemed a good remedy to remove his jacket and sweater. I mean, makes sense, right? We all had a good laugh as he started posing so that I could snap a few pics for his girlfriend back in Kentucky. Needless to say, she had never been more proud to claim Stu as her man!

Enjoy a few pictures and I hope it's finally warming up wherever you are! Today it snowed again in Roeselare, Belgium! I thought Spring was almost here?! Hurry up SPRING!