Parade Pictures!

This will be a short post because Chris and I are about to drive to Budapest. From Budapest we will fly to Dublin, Ireland and be there for 5 days. From Ireland we will fly into London for another 5 days. Chris has to spend some time at the European headquarters for work, and I get to tag along! Yeahhh!! I am so excited. I plan on exploring and taking loads of pictures while he is working, and then we will explore together in the evenings.
I promised pictures from the Duzijanca Parade on Sunday afternoon, and I am sorry that the past few days have been so busy. Our boxes finally arrived from America, and Chris and I started Serbian lessons, so we have both been busy. His with work, and me with coffee dates and sorting our belongings.

So, without further delay, here are a few pictures from the parade!

Lela and her friend, Stela, dressed me up in the dress of the Serbian ethnic minority. This was often only worn by young, unmarried women, but since I look like a 12 year old with my hair pulled back, I guess I fit the bill. Ohh, we all laughed because these dresses are designed to make you look pregnant with a huge booty!
The sweet young dancers. 
I love the wall in this picture, and you can see the entire outfit. The details are amazing on all of the clothing. Everything is hand sewn and it takes hours to complete one dress.

I took this picture to give you an idea of how many people participate in the parade. There must have been several thousand people dressed up in Serbian cultural attire. Everyone is invited to walk in the parade if they have an appropriate outfit. If you are not walking in the parade, then you are lined up on the streets waving wheat or clapping.

The girls! Stela, on the left, did my hair and helped with my makeup.

Some of these costumes are over 100 years old! The colorful vests that the men are wearing are very old - but well preserved. There is a seamstress who is employed by the dance company to repair and wash all of these stunning outfits.

Just in case I forget that I am super short!
Here we are. Lela and Darko said that I was probably the first American to ever walk in this parade. I felt so honored!

This is everyone from the Dance company - Mladost (the youth) - that walked in the parade.

People eating and enjoying traditional Serbian music. I think the entire city was out and about enjoying the festivities! It was so fun! I loved being part of the 100 year anniversary of Duzijanca.

Have a lovely week friends and family!