Welcome to Subotica, Serbia - Our New Home!

Chris and I and our four suitcases left Lexington, Kentucky on July 25th. We traveled from Lexington -> Charlotte -> Munich -> Budapest. In Budapest we were picked up and driven two hours south to Subotica, Serbia.

Of course we will write a whole lot more about Serbia, but I wanted to post some pictures of our first impressions of our new home.

Chris had already spent a significant amount of time in Serbia, so this was not new to him, but above is a picture of my first glimpse of home. The climate is very mild and cool, and the land reminds me a lot of Oregon. We live in their "bread basket region" so there is a lot of farmland.

We arrived in Serbia on the afternoon of the 25th, so we spent our first evening dining at Cafe Boss. It is a stunning cafe/restaurant with loads of outdoor seating. The weather is so agreeable in this season that people rarely sit in-doors. This place reminds me a lot of Azur Restaurant and Patio in Lexington, KY. I think this will quickly become a favorite for us.

Here is Chris at Cafe Boss! Look how nice their patio seating is?! Every cafe here has fancy patio furniture. I think Chris is getting sick of me commenting on every piece of furniture that I see!

Cafe Boss has a good selection of wines, and we have been learning that Hungarian red wines are some of the best ones around! We have a lot to learn, but it will not be painful learning!

Our first meal in Serbia. My pizza had ham, broccoli, mushrooms and either sour cream or cheese sauce of some sort. Chris had pasta in a gorgonzola sauce.

The following day, Chris headed into work, and I decided to figure out my surroundings. Chris had told me where to find a supermarket, and I accidentally walked in the wrong direction. I eventually found the IDEA Market after an hour long walk. It is a huge grocery store with almost everything. I needed loads of stuff for the house, but I didn't buy much because I didn't want to lug it on my hour long walk home.

On Sunday, Chris and I took the car, headed in the opposite direction, and found another grocery store called Roda. This store was even bigger than the IDEA Market, and it was hard to not get overwhelmed with the language barrier. We laughed because we had no idea what we were buying most of the time. In this picture, Chris is trying to decide which cheese to get.

I wish I had captured this glorious moment! The woman was pushing the car while the old man was steering and trying to get the car started. Chris said that it is pretty common to see cars getting a "push start" in Serbia. I just had to giggle!

Just exploring. 

A typical afternoon for me these days. Every cafe and restaurant serves cappuccinos and Lattes and Espresso. I love the cappuccinos, and they only cost about $1.25! The crazy thing is that beer and wine is about the same price!

The public square. On Saturday there were three weddings be photographed here at the same time. The weather has been so lovely since we've arrived.

I am always shocked to see graffiti in beautiful places. All of Europe has its share of graffiti, and there is almost a certain charm to it.

We live very close to this square. That is a huge fountain that is under construction. Hopefully it is completed before summer ends!

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  1. Hi and welcome to Subotica. It's so nice to see other expats living in this tiny town, out of all places in Serbia :) Check out my politically incorrect blog at http://canadianinserbia.blogspot.com


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