Fierce Fashion in Belgrade.

I'm not one to get sucked into any particular TV series, and I'd never be bothered to wait around the house for a reality show to air.   

Well, maybe there's one. Just one. 

America's Next Top Model. It's my guilty pleasure. When we lived in the US, I would ask Chris to TiVo an entire season, and then as time allowed, I "forced" him to sit with me and watch the aspiring models strut their stuff on the runway. 

Tyra Banks - ohhh how I love her in that show! Tyra - always trying to see the model in each woman -  encouraging them to rise above their insecurities - begging them to bring out their FIERCE side - helping them perfect their signature walk/pose - and always telling them to "Smise!" (Smile with your eyes.) Every episode found me imitating their poses and of course, "smise-ing."

"Look at me! What do you think honey? Could I get on this show. I am getting good at this "smise" thing!!"

"Ohh for sure baby, you were made for the runway. . . too bad you're about two feet too short."

Crushed dreams! Tyra would be so disappointed. 

In any case, I loved the show, and Chris had a way of picking the winner at the beginning of each season. I never agreed with his predictions, but in the end he was always right. Deep down, I think he enjoyed the show, but he insisted that he only watched America's Next Top Model with me so that I would reciprocate and sit through a little pro football with him on Sunday. 

Come on now - shockingly beautiful women vs. sweaty, 300 pound linemen jiggling their stuff all over the field? 
Take your pick. 

That was a terribly long introduction to my Fierce Fashion - Belgrade Blog.

The Pozoriste na Terazijama Theater - found on Google. 
When David invited me and the Real Housewife of Belgrade to come to the Herbafast Fashion Selection Show at Pozoriste na Terazijama Theater, of course we accepted! Tyra would have been so proud, and after all, I had been without America's Next Top Model for far too long. It was time to see what Belgrade had to offer the fashion world. It was also my first invite to a real fashion show. 

Thank you for inviting us, David!
David's company, The Hungarikum Centar, was one of the event sponsors. If I may say so myself, they were the only sponsor anyone paid attention to because they handed out champagne at intermission. Forget flyers and yogurt samples; everyone made their way to The Hungarikum Centar booth for a little mid-show bubbly. It was fabulous champagne as well!

Monica Belucci inspired design. 

The first five designers were showing pieces that exemplified the style of famous Italian stars. From Monica Belucci to Isabella Rossellini, the pieces were all stunning.

My favorite dress. 
From the back - and of course she is smoking. 

Drinking one of the sponsor drinks. Great marketing!
Lighting up and drinking on stage. Why not?!
Make a statement!
Spotted this guy at intermission. Seemed that he really wanted to be part of the show, so I took a picture just to give him a little bit of the "limelight." He is also wearing a golden-deer-ornament-thing around his waist. Maybe it was his belt buckle? Interesting. . . 

 The second segment of the show was a winter collection complete with a winter set and falling snow. Visually it was amazing! In my opinion, it was more interesting than watching models walk an empty runway. I included a few pictures below. Enjoy!

Where can we find these shoes? Aren't they fabulous?! 
Go get your green leggings for winter. 

The venue was lovely and it was full of important people, but since it was my first time in Belgrade, I had no idea who anyone was. Apparently the blond woman on the right is famous. Does anyone know who she is? David mentioned her name, but I forgot! Maybe I should start carrying a notepad with me

My first fashion show was stunning, and hopefully there will be more to come!

Cao for now!


  1. Looks good! Small nitpick: "pozorište" actually means Theater in Serbian, and Terazije is a location, so the correct English translation would be "Terazije Theater".

  2. The woman on the right is Verica Rakocevic, a fashion designer. www.vrcompany.com I think the one on the left is Leontina, she's a singer, but I'm not sure it's really her. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog, I hope you will learn and see a lot more interesting things in Serbia, cheers!

  3. Thanks for the translation correction! I still have a lot to learn about Serbia - first and foremost being the language.

    Malarija, THANKS! I am going to look those women up! I am going to another fashion show in Budapest this weekend, so I have to brush up on my famous Serbian/Hungarian designers and musicians. My hubby and I are loving our time in Serbia. Any specific Serbian sights/events you would suggest we see? We really like things off the beaten path. :)


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