A Quiet Weekend

. . . Our First in a Long Time. 

Chris' schedule seems to have him hanging out in Serbia for the foreseeable future. Of course things may change, but for now, rest is in our forecast. Two weeks ago, Chris flew to the Netherlands for a few meetings, then turned around and traveled to Ukraine for two quick days. I didn't accompany him on either trip, but I sure did miss him while he was gone. 

After all of that time on a plane, I think Chris is ready for a little time on solid ground, and I am happy to have him home. 

We decided to stay put over the weekend so that we could get a little rest and spend some time with new friends. I got an email from The Real Housewife of Belgrade (my favorite fellow blogger) asking if her and her hubby could meet us in Subotica for coffee on Saturday afternoon. I was excited to meet them and ask them a billion questions about their expat experience in Serbia. Before they arrived, Chris and I grabbed a quick lunch at Pizzeria Denis.

Remember this little gem of a restaurant? I try to get here as often as possible because it makes me feel like I sitting by the ocean in some exotic coastal city. 

We sat in the secluded back patio area so that I could be in the direct sun. Poor Chris in his long sleeve shirt. He eventually took it off once the sunshine became too intense. It is October in Serbia and it is still sunny! I love it!

This is the little back patio, and we were it's only guests for lunch. Very peaceful and beautiful. Can you see why I love this place so much!?

I cannot get enough sunshine! The Real Housewife of Belgrade and I were joking that our skin stays so dark in Serbia. Both of the boys looked at each other and said, "because you're never in an office like we are these days. You both spend your afternoons blogging away in outdoor cafes. Of course you are going to be tan!" Well, hey, get the sun when and where you can.

We met The Real Housewife of Belgrade and her hubby for coffee at Cafe Boss, and we sat and talked in true Serbian style. By that I mean that we nursed our one cup of coffee for about two hours, enjoyed each others company, laughed, shared experiences, and didn't feel pressured to pay and get out so that other customers could have our table. It was lovely to get to know them, and they have such positive and adventurous attitudes. We are going to try to plan a time to visit them in Belgrade soon!

Subotica seems to have a festival for everything! I love it! This weekend was all about the festival of honey.  

There were about 20 vendors selling nothing but . . . you guessed it. . .  honey. One of Chris' coworkers sent Chris home with a jar of his own homemade honey, and we still have not opened it! I hear Serbian honey is pretty amazing; so I will have to crack that jar open soon to see if all this honey hype is true. 

The last stop with our visiting friends was St. Theresa's Catholic Basilica. Check out The Real Housewife of Belgrade's blog and you can read more about this stunning church. She writes a Sunday section dedicated to the discovery of European churches. For almost a year, she has visited a church and written about it in her Sunday blog entry. Pretty great idea!

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