From Subotica to Palic

. . . on foot.

It is October in Serbia and the weather is absolutely perfect. The mornings are chilly enough for a thin sweater, but come afternoon, all jackets disappear. Right now, I am sitting at an outdoor café in a tank top and a cotton skirt. Oh, and did I mention, no allergies (for me at least) and no bugs other than the occasional honey bee trying to sneak a sip of my freshly squeezed lemonade. I know the climate will inevitably change, but I am savoring every moment; it sure beats a wet fall in Oregon and tornados in Kentucky.

The entrance to Palic park and lake.  
Maybe I was just trying to soak up the final rays of summer, because for some reason I decided to take a short little WALK to Lake Palic.

Bad idea.

Cabs here are really inexpensive, and the buses are even cheaper, but I still chose walking over every other mode of transportation. Nine kilometers did not sound that far; after all, I run three miles fairly often, what’s another three tacked onto that? Well, running and walking (in brand new shoes no less) are two very different things. Luckily the weather was amazing, so I did get loads of sun on my two-hour trip to the lake. The walk would have been pleasant had I not decided to wear brand new shoes. New shoes = 5 new blisters.

Bad idea.

Once I arrived at the quiet lake, I sat and read a book and studied Serbian for a few hours. It was pleasant and peaceful, and a relief to be off of my feet.

I asked where to catch the bus back into Subotica, and it got me home in 15 minutes. Oh, and it only costs about .80 cents.

Good idea . . .  for next time.

Well, now I know, and I guess you only learn new things when you step out of your comfort zone and adventure a little. Darko asked how my time on Lake Palic was, and I casually mentioned that I had walked. His mouth dropped open, “why would you ever walk there? Maybe you could bike. . . but why didn’t you just take a cab or a bus?! Are you crazy?”

Maybe I am a little crazy, but hey, I’m having fun . . . and I am learning. 


  1. I love following your life in Serbia. Lana I agree with Marko. Take a bus next time you go to the Lake. Oh well you live and learn. I love the Settlers game. Do you have the large extended version? How fun that you guys can have fun over a game . Better than sitting in front of a TV any day. When I get there we will need to have a game night. keep up the blogging. I feel Like I know your freinds well through following your life through the blog. Give Chris a big hug for me. Luv ya MOM xooxoxoxox

  2. Palic is beautiful, we are building our house here :)


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